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chaos_profile1Chaos Chaos is a Brooklyn based sister duo comprised of Chloe and Asy Saavedra. Their latest EP is unavoidably catchy, showcasing the influence of ‘80s New Romantic Britpop, the dance floor desperation of Charli XCX and Lorde, and an unabashed love of modern hip-hop’s stuttering trap beats.

“We named the band Chaos Chaos after a very large amoeba because they are simple but always changing,” says Chloe. “That got us thinking about us with music, how we are always changing, always evolving. As Smoosh we went from this groovy riot grrl thing to a more grown up, very minimalist sound. Now, we are just full out in your face pop.”

What Asya and Chloe Saavedra know for certain is that they are ready to bring this music to as many people as possible, hoping their very personal expressions will connect with fans around the world. Or at the very least, to get some folks on their feet and moving with their lissome rhythms and glittery melodies.

Listen to “Breaker” from Chaos Chaos:

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