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Unlocking The Truth – Francisco The Man “It’s True, It’s You”
Guilt – Tatiana Owens “Trigger”
King Of The Road – Monophonics (Various)
Kingdom – Christopher Wild “Home”
Gonzaga: March To Madness – Monophonics “Falling Apart”
Shameless – Omega Swan “Earthbound”
Pretty Little Liars – Eric Reitz “Two Shots”
Good Company 2 – Monophonics “Promises”
Ballers – A Rainmaker “The Call”
Faking It – SALES “Getting It On”
Reign – Karmina “All The King’s Horses”
Becoming Us – Tatiana Owens “What U Lookin’ At”
Shameless – Omega Swan “Diggin”
Shameless – Omega Swan “Alien”
Looking – Francisco The Man “In The Corners”
Shameless – Chris Wild “Doctor Please”
Shameless – Chris Wild “Drunk With You”
Under The Dome – Bear Attack “Broke”
Pretty Little Liars – Guardian Ghost “This Old Heart of Mine”
Pretty Little Liars – Ken Christianson “Isn’t This What Lovers Do?”
Ray Donovan – Tatiana Owens “Trigger”
House Husbands (AUS) – Lowly Spects “To Be Well”
Pretty Little Liars – Hellogoodbye “Everything Is Debatable”
Pretty Little Liars – Guardian Ghost “Deep End”

Chicago Fire – Bryan Brown “Across The Lines”
Rogue – Porkpie “Jaxx Me Up”
Shameless – Jesse Thomas “Better Geography”
Shameless – Abi Wade “Hope”
Being Human – Milesmore “Time The Killer”
Degrassi – Anoop Desai “Love Lost”
Shameless – Double Fuzz “Don’t Wanna Be Bad No More”
Us & Them – Tyler Shamy “Let’s Do Some Love Makin'”
Being Human – Imaginary War “Feed Me With Lies”
Rogue – Laze & Royal “Dirty Dollz”
Being Human – Belasco “What If God”
Being Human – Belasco “Butterflies”
Being Human – Belasco “Who Do You Love”
Degrassi – Rodello’s Machine “Sails”
Being Human – Imaginary War “What If God”
Being Human – Imaginary War “Love Overdose”
Ravenswood – Karmina “Lights On”
Person of Interest – Tatiana Owens “I Know U Know”
Degrassi – Tic Tic Boom! “The Sun Will Set”
Pretty Little Liars – Kathryn Hallberg “Hear Say See”
Pretty Little Liars – Karmina “Satisfied”
Pretty Little Liars – Karmina “Lights On”
Pretty Little Liars – The Morse Codes “All the Right Reasons”
Banshee – Abi Wade “Hope”
Switched At Birth – Karmina “Freedom”
Switched At Birth – Karmina “FIngers Crossed”
The Fosters – Jesse Thomas “Brave”
Necessary Roughness – Tatiana Owens “Trigger”
Pretty Little Liars – Kai Brown “Moments Like This”
Pretty Little Liars – Karmina “Prove”
Awkward – Abi Wade “Stability”
Chicago Fire – Bryan Brown “That’s Life”
Chicago Fire – Trevor Menear “Answer Me”
The Lying Game – Lelia Broussard “Spiderwebs”
Degrassi – Lisa Donnelly “Little Devil”
Shameless – Trevor Menear “Give Her A Name”
The Good Wife – Kurt Oldman “Shatner Mask”
Shameless – Karmina “Slow Down”
Shameless – Glen Iris “Mary Mary”
Awkward – Shoreline Is “Living Things”
Pretty Little Liars – Tic Tic Boom! “For Feeling”
Shameless – Trevor Menear “River Blues”
Bad Girls Club – Jesse Thomas “All About Me”
Shameless – Roman & Alaina “Miserable”
Pretty Little Liars – Laze & Royal “Down The Drain”
Shameless – Joe Fabio “Working Life”
Shameless – Ticktockman “Blackhole Waltz”
Shameless – Doug Wamble “Think Of It All”
Person of Interest – Cameron Lasswell “Body & Soul”
Shameless – Trevor Menear “Make Me Howl”
Chicago Fire – Trevor Menear “Answer Me”
Shameless – Chester French – “Beneath The Veil”



Bad Moms – Boycrush “Flirt”
Mother’s Day – Jimmy Dunne “Happy Mother’s Day”
The Gambler – Young Hunting “Rust”
The Gambler – The Heyday “Thick and Thin”
Good Company 2 – Monophonics “Promises”
Clinger – Bear Attack “Broke”
The Ultimate Life – Mike Schmid “Is This It”

The Ultimate Life – Mike Schmid “Angels We Have Heard On High”
Louder Than Words – Lelia Broussard “Spiderwebs”



Deepwater Horizon
Sky Ladder
My Beautiful Broken Brain
London Has Fallen
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2
Ratchet & Clank
Eye In The Sky
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
Hunger Games: Mocking Jay
The Best of Me
Dolphin Tale 2
Jupiter Ascending

Captain America
Edge of Tomorrow
Thor: The Dark World
Star Trek: Into Darkness
The Wolverine
Iron Man 3
Cloud Atlas
Act Of Valor
Expendables 2
Saints Row 4
The Double
DC Universe Online


Pokemon XY12 Digital Campaign – Mark Petrie “The Fall”
Ice Age 5 Featurette – David Travis Edwards “First Flight”
FX July & September 2016 Promo – Lisle Moore “Road Less Traveled”
Pokemon XY20 Digital Campaign – Mark Petrie “Aurora”
Google Express Backpack Ad Campaign – Morgan Holland “Feel Okay”
Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards – Monophonics “Promises”
Newport Beach Film Festival 2015 – Ezza Rose “Ophelia”
Patagonia Apparel: Sharp End Ad Campaign – Double Fuzz “Take You Home” & “Don’t Wanna Be Bad No More”
Bellator Sports Worldwide: May 2014 – David Travis Edwards “Age Of Man” & “Insurrection”
24 Hours Of Reality 2014: The Cost of Carbon (Live Internet Event) – Original Music
Fox Sports: MLB World Series Game 2 – Trevor Menear “Make Me Howl”
Revlon 2014 National Ad Campaign – Hot Problems “Heartbeat”

FEARnet Sonic & Music Logo Re-Branding – Original Music
MGM Grand Detroit – String Fellow Hawks “Feelin’ Able”
The Mentalist (Promo) – David Travis Edwards “Fait Accompli”
AMC Networks January 2013 Promo – Glen Iris “Mary, Mary”
The Closer (DVD TV Spot) – David Travis Edwards “Fait Accompli”
Bellator Sports Worldwide: Jan 2014 – David Travis Edwards “Age Of Man” & “Insurrection”
A Decade of Difference: The Clinton Foundation (Live Event) – Original Music
FIFA World Cup 2010 Kick-Off Concert (Live Event) – Original Music
Live Earth: Run For Water (Bravo TV Special) – Original Music
24 Hours Of Reality 2013: The Cost of Carbon (Live Internet Event) – Original Music