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New York, NY – May 20th, 2014: New York City’s ECR Music Group and Santa Monica-based publishing company Angry Mob Music are officially announcing a new global partnership today.

Moving forward, ECR Music Group’s vibrant roster of celebrated stars, emerging artists, and broad array of distinguished record labels will work in partnership with Angry Mob exclusively for television and film placements, music publishing administration, and brand licensing.

“Angry Mob’s commitment to the intrinsic value of artists’ work matches our own, and their focus on innovative approaches to the 21st century musical landscape mirrors the successful artist-driven, artist-owned model we’ve employed at ECR since our inception, ” says ECR founder and CEO Blake Morgan. “It’s really nice when an opportunity that makes great musical and artistic sense makes great business sense too.”

Based in Santa Monica, California, Angry Mob Music is a forward-thinking independent music publisher and master rights administrator. Priding itself on a managed, modern approach, Angry Mob Music exists for new, emerging, and established artists and writers, and will fight for its artists to gain multi-dimensional exposure and influence in all facets and platforms of today’s music industry.

“Our mission at Angry Mob is to fight for and support the value of artists, writers, their music, their creativity. Blake Morgan has similarly been fighting the same good fight both with ECR and by himself, personally,” notes CEO and Angry Mob co-founder Marc Caruso. “I cannot think of two companies who share more of the same core belief of what today’s music needs more of….respect.”

The new partnership will begin with a concerted push behind the July 22nd worldwide release of ECR artist Melissa Giges‘ new album, Just When I Let Go.

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