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Chicago, IL – June 3, 2014: Chicago’s Highwheel Records and Santa Monica music publishing company Angry Mob Music are announcing a new partnership.

Highwheel Records, including established acts Walking Bicycles and Unicycle Loves You, will work in an exclusive partnership with Angry Mob for full publishing administration, including film and television placement opportunities.

“Highwheel is excited to be part of the Angry Mob team. We are impressed with the opportunities that they have arranged for other musicians and we look forward to a long relationship,” says Julius Moriarty, owner and operator of Highwheel Records.

Based in Santa Monica, California, Angry Mob Music is a forward-thinking independent music publisher and master rights administrator. Priding itself on a managed, modern approach, Angry Mob Music exists for new, emerging, and established artists and writers, and fights for its artists to gain exposure and influence in all facets and platforms of today’s music industry.

“Working with Julius to set this partnership up, I came to respect the music, backstory, and ethos of this label more each day,” says Angry Mob’s Creative Business Director, Chad North. “Highwheel is an exceptional and unique record label comprised of passionate musicians and artists. The music, however, speaks for itself. It is uncompromising and an existential punch to the gut. I’m absolutely thrilled for Angry Mob to be representing this fantastic and incredibly relevant body of work.”

Featured new releases from Highwheel Records include the June 10th worldwide release of The Dead Age from Unicycle Loves You, and the upcoming Walking Bicycles record,To Him That Wills The Way, out August 12th.

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