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1. Nightmare – Brooke Williams

Written by Brooke Williams and produced by our own Paul Gutierrez, Nightmare is slick and titillating, featuring pleasing female lead vocals and synthesizer that create a sensual, sultry mood. It has been featured on a number of Spotify playlists such as Denmark and Norway’s New Friday Playlist and Spotify’s US Pop Playlist.


2. Mexico – Chasing Trains

Chasing Train’s newest single, “Mexico” holds a special meaning behind the song. It was written and dedicated to the top liner, Daniel Capellaro’s parents for their 47th wedding anniversary and a move to Mexico! Another song that captures a bright and radiant feel good vibe.


3. It’s Right Featuring. Tatiana Owens – MARSE

Tatiana Owens has a feature in this empowering song by MARSE that will make you want to dance no matter what!

4. Cover You Up – Chasing Trains 

Another new release by Chasing Trains features an emotional ballad with sustained acoustic guitar, synth drums and male lead vocals which in return creates a passionate, hopeful mood.

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