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Ralph Torrefranca to Play Broke LA With His Band Dr. Doctor

Angry Mob’s one and only, Ralph Torrefranca, is set to play at this year’s Broke LA (formerly known as Brokechella). Ralph’s band, Dr. Doctor, has crafted a special melancholycore sound which has landed him gigs at The Bootleg and Satellite. His unique style helped him beat out hundreds of other artists from Broke LA’s open-submissions process.

The festival (Saturday, April 23) is entering its sixth year of existence and has continued to step up its game.  This year will feature five stages with over 50 artists. And if you get the munchies, they’ll have 24 vendors to fuel your dance moves. They also have a film festival and comedy show.

You can get your tickets online for $20 HERE or for $25 at the door.

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