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On his latest track “New Vibe”, Verskotzi worked with LA based rapper ill Nicky to write a song that bridges together the smooth R&B style alongside a electro-pop sound. The pair teamed up while attending a song writing camp and, with the help from another songwriter, Obvi, they sat in a small bedroom & began production. Starting off with nothing but, as Verskotzi states, “the water beat”, which is literally just the sound of running water & from there each writer took a turn freestyling over the beat. After three takes, all the melodies & lyrics were complete. The process as ill Nicky mentions, “took about thirty minutes for the whole song to come together”. The song features a simple chord progression, ambient sounds & an R&B infused groove reminiscent of artists such as Prince and R&B duo Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis.

Listen to “New Vibe” by Verskotzi & ill Nicky here:

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