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Where Glick Meets Ghost

On the precipice of releasing his second album, Jesse Glick is in the throws of recording, mixing and solidifying his reflective 10-track compilation. Evolving as an artist both musically and professionally, Jesse, now known as Guardian Ghost, has made great strides in the evolution of his sound and craft after what he calls his “year of anonymous solitude and personal heartache.” On the heels of an emotional breakup, Jesse used his solidarity to sit down and start writing. The influx of emotions and ideas that developed while being absorbed in the bustling NYC metropolis gave birth to the ambient, sonic textures of a fresher, more dynamic artist. Inspired by atmospheric and ethereal instrumentals, his mind and creativity were able to takeoff without the traditional structures and verses of songs which can be heard throughout the record. After spending a year working with Logic and dabbling in film scoring (his first Indie film is “Flying Lessons,” debuting in L.A. December 5th), Jesse amassed quite an arsenal of atmospherics that can be heard laced throughout the album.

“I think this is the closest thing I’ve produced that represents where I am currently at…the fact that I had the chance to really go down the rabbit hole alone and see what I could create was a fun experience.” Writing, recording and mixing all his own material made for a time consuming, albeit original, production that put him in control of propelling his vision forward to the world. Jesse notes, “Being in control of my creative decisions and all aspects of production is liberating,” and trusting his gut was “the only way to move forward.”

The album was constructed from his well of melodies and basic ideas for songs that were constantly being added and revised to. Each one “correlated to another and wove the story together musically and thematically.” The album follows Jesse’s heartbreak and emotional roller coaster he and many others have felt. “Sailor” and “The Wilderness” are haunting reminders of missing someone; about being lost and wandering while searching for something you believe is out there. “Kingdom Come” lyrically addresses dream-like visions and hallucinations associated with letting go while “Passenger” and “Circling. Settling” provide a more defiant, upbeat rebellion against the paint. The rebirth and ending of “Awaken” is epic and grand in scope but also represents both the close of a chapter and a new beginning.

Looking forward (incidentally the theme of the album), Jesse sees the sky as the limit. Releasing the album in early 2013, his top priorities will be touring and promoting his craft accompanied by the first video for “The Wilderness,” which was shot in Joshua Tree. The footage of Jesse running around the desert, chasing a black shape from sun up to dusk in a suit and aborigine mask, is reason enough to anticipate the finished product. “It’s creating art for art’s sake…just how I like it.”

— Allie Krummel

You can listen to Jesse’s previous material HERE to check out the musical landscape from which the upcoming Guardian Ghost record will be departing from!

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