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May 2021

“What is Publishing? This is One of the Clearest Explanations of the Publishing World”

Angry Mob Music Co-Founder and CEO, Marc Caruso, explains what is publishing and why every artist needs to understand it on the May 14th episode of The Music Biz Weekly Podcast. How are the rates set for publishing payouts, what the DSPs pay, what is negotiable, and what isn’t negotiable? What is holding back better payouts? Hit the play button below to learn more!

Something to Sync About

Target Spring 2021 Campaign featured “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching” by Iggy Azalea & co-written by Haven.

The Green Knight trailer campaign featured Black Maths “Lapse.”

May Releases

May 7th

“No Problem” by Easy McCoy, co-written by Verskotzi

“Dead Roses” by DVNIEL & co-written with Isaiah Blas. Part of DVNIEL’s upcoming EP, Bedside (A).

May 12th

“Bad Machine” by Migrant Hotel

May 14th

“Mars” by Luc de la Croixx (Ken Nana), off the Kitsuné America: West Coast Edition compilation album. 

May 21st

“Morning After” by Yas VW, co-written/produced by Ken Nana.

“Windows,” written by Angela Mukul. The new single off the upcoming EP, memories, from her side project, Balcony Weekend.

“Meet My Shadow,” written and performed by Jake Scott off his upcoming EP, Goldenboy

“Chill The Fuck Out” by ROMES. Off their upcoming EP, My Demons Are My Best Friends

May 28th

ARC 002 EP written and performed by Verskotzi.

“Acting Class” by DVNIEL from his upcoming EP, Bedside (A)

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