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March 2021


Something To Sync About

Josh Ronen’s “Wake Me Up” was on Grey’s Anatomy’s episode “Helplessly Hoping,” which aired on March 11th.



Slayyyter’s “Clouds” (written by Marc Schneider aka Schmarx) was added to Diplo’s Revolution channel on SiriusXM.


March Releases

March 5th

Year Of The Ox’s new track “Kazunori” (feat. MIKNNA)

nicopop’s new song “Flyboy,” written by Schmarx & Savvy. “Flyboy” is part of the album Deja Vu

March 10th

“Think Of You (Morgan Page Remix)” performed by Zookëper and written by Schmarx & Savvy.

March 12th

“Full House” by teeballpaul

March 17th

“Muneqita Rota” (English & Spanish versions)by Migrant Hotel

March 19th

Autumn in June’s new track “Cute Veins,” written by Mike Byun of MIKNNA.


Meet Schmarx & Savvy


Schmarx & Savvy are an LA-based songwriting and production duo whose versatility has allowed them to achieve multi-genre success with cuts by pop, dance, and hip-hop artists as well as singer-songwriters.

They have released five singles as artists to date. They also wrote DJ 3LAU’s hit “Tokyo” featuring the Sydney based artist Xira, released on AnjunaBeats. The song reached #1 on Sirius XM BPM and is approaching 10 million streams. 

Check them out on Spotify, and listen to their new songs released this month: “Flyboy,” performed by nicopop, and “Clouds,” performed by Slayyyter, which was recently added to Diplo’s Revolution channel on SiriusXM. A new single with Adventure Club will also be released in the Spring!

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