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February 2021

Meet Debra Delshad – Senior Director of Licensing & Synchronization

A day in your life…

Like most working parents these days, sometimes I wake up full of energy and say “Oh Hello, let’s do this,” and other days I say “Oh heck no,” and want to crawl back into bed.  Either way, I get up to see my son Jonah (who is already awake and made himself breakfast) and to nudge (and nudge, and nudge) my daughter Skyler out of bed.  Before I know it they both are at school (i.e., on Zoom) and I am deciding if I am going to walk to coffee or jump into an online exercise class. Coffee and fresh air usually win.  Before I know it I am deep into my to-do list, which usually includes sending music playlists to music supervisors and networks for projects that they are working on, creating playlists of music highlighting a specific writer or artist from our catalog, negotiating and corresponding regarding ongoing deals, jumping on and off Zoom meetings, listening to new music and trying to get through a mountain of emails, texts, Slacks, etc. — all while avoiding constant knocking on the door from my daughter, who seems to be on a “break” every 15 minutes.  I do try to find time to take a step back and “smell the roses” when possible.

What’s the best part about your job? 

Listening to music! The best part of my job is landing a placement with a great song that brings you goosebumps while watching it and it gets new exposure as a result of the placement and new listeners.

What’s one of your favorite failures? 

Many years ago I was working for a large Music publishing company when I got a call from my young son’s school and learned that he fell off his bike and required stitches.  I raced to his school, took him to a doctor to get stitched up, picked up his favorite Caesar salad, dropped him off, and then raced back to the office to keep working. I never bothered to ask my boss if I could work from home and I was miserable the rest of the day. I failed as a parent and as an employee. To be successful at any job, you always have to not fear being turned down and going after what you think is the right thing. I now think about this often and am a better parent and employee as a result

What’s a book you always give out as a gift and why? 

I love to give books that I think will leave an impression. Some will have inspirational quotes, other’s amazing photography, and once I found a great little book filled with classic incorrect lyrics such as:  “On a dark desert highway, Cool Whip in my hair…”

What was the first concert you ever went to? 

I had tickets to a Metallica concert and my friend got grounded. My dad who is also a music lover decided he would accompany me. He put on a flannel shirt and a baseball hat backward.  To this day, he still blames any hearing difficulty on that concert

February Releases

Body Language released a music video for their single “Start It Up”.


Love-sadKID released a music video for his latest single “Tightrope”.


Jake Scott treated listeners to a surprise release of his EP Live From LA.


“Heartbreak Highway” (feat. Ayoni), by MIKKNA


“Chruch”, by dePresno


ARC 001 EP by Verskotzi


“Clouds” by Slayyyter, co-written by Marc Schneider of Schmarx & Savvy

Upcoming Releases

March 12th 

“Cute Veins” by Autumn In June, co-written by Mike Byun of MIKNNA

“Full House” by teeballpaul

March 24th

“Muneqita Rota” by Migrant Motel

March 26th

“tokyo” by dePresno

Something To Sync About

“LA” performed by Ty Dolla $ign and co-produced by Bus “The Producer”, was featured in  the FX docuseries, Hip Hop Uncovered, which aired February 26th.

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