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Why 2020 Wasn’t All That Bad

“In a year which by definition should have separated us all, I actually felt more connected to colleagues and friends in ways too numerous to count. Shared experiences, both good and bad, have a way of bringing people together.” Marc Caruso, CEO

“I’ve never felt more connected to our writers and producers. The experience of working together through these challenging times and figuring out how to produce music remotely was an adventure to say the least. There was this collective willingness to not only make it work, but make it better. It was like the limitations and constraints to the process created a more dialed in focus to do some really great work together.” Sean Harrison, Senior Creative Director, Synch Advertising 

“We all learned to really appreciate the things that we once took for granted.” Ralph Torrefranca, Director of A&R 

“With 2020 hindsight (pun intended), the past year wasn’t all bad.  Working from home proved to be a 24/7 endeavor, but it felt like everyone in the industry was doing the same thing and we were all in this together. Sometimes my kids interrupted my Zoom meetings and sometimes my Zoom meetings interrupted my teaching duties, but, again, I knew that I wasn’t alone. Sharing all of the ups and downs and crazy times with my work family and industry colleagues connected us in a new way that I hope we don’t lose when we get back to normal, whatever that means.” Debra Delshad, Senior Director, Synchronization & Licensing

“2020 forced many people to reinvent themselves. It’s been amazing to witness how creative people can be! Despites the challenges we and our writers have managed to achieve great things. 2020 also reminded us to not take anything for granted which I think is a good thing! That said, I’m looking forward to 2021!” Patrick Conseil, Creative Consultant 

“In the midst of all the chaos that 2020 brought, the progress of creativity and innovation in music flourished to an unprecedented level when we as a society needed it perhaps more than ever.” Kellen Smith, Coordinator


(Flashback to 2019’s ugly Christmas sweater day at Angry Mob)



Our Latest News

Our very own Senior Creative Director Sean Harrison was recently featured in Muse by Clio! Read more about his career path, work, and cool anecdotes here.



December Releases


December 1st 

Bad Girl (The Alliance Mix), performed by DVNIEL and co-written by Isaiah Blas



December 4th 

Lovestruck, performed by Ryan Skyy and written by Schmarx & Savvy 



Best Kept Secret, performed by August Brodie and written by Joe Pepe and Zack Burke (btwn)



(We Are All) Criminals, performed by Too Close To Touch and written by Rune Westberg 



December 11th 

Before I Met You, performed by HAVEN and co-written with Rune Westberg 



If You Wanted It Too (Alt Country Version), performed and written by Jake Scott



Cho Talk, performed and written by KAMI and Joey Purp



December 18th 

Electric Currents (Joey Cassanova Remix), performed by DVNIEL and co-written by Isaiah Blas





Something to Sync About

Stone Love by Pepper synced in Monster Energy’s upcoming 3rd iteration of their video film series Slayground (featuring motocross athlete Axell “SLAY” Hodges). 

Rising Sun by David Travis Edwards used multiple times on 2020 NASCAR on FS1. 


Proud Of Our Artists

Singer-songwriter Jake Scott reached 126 million Spotify streams in 2020.

Tokyo (feat. Xira) from 3LAU (co-written by Schmarx & Savvy) passed 12M streams!

Rune Westberg’s latest song with Baywud is the #1 song on Monie’s indie radio radio in the UK this week. (We don’t want to) Walk Alone remains #1 on radio in the Great Lakes Region for the 4th week.

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