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btwn (pronounced “between”) is the production-writing team consisting of Zack Burke and Joseph Pepe. Hailing from East and West Coast origins, they deliver feel-good rhythmic songwriting and production for music artists. Their organic instrumentation, moody synths, heavy 808s and tight drum grooves bring a unique hip-hop forward direction into pop music, culminating in a distinct sound. 

Based in Los Angeles, btwn have had placements with both major and indie acts including: Vincent (PRMD/Warner), LeyeT (Nettwerk), Cherry Beach (Chill Nation/Lowly) and Marlhy (NMF). Their work has been featured by Billboard, and has been included on Spotify’s New Music Friday and Cratediggers playlists, and notable placements in reality shows including: Keeping up With The Kardashians and Teen Mom. One of their cuts entitled “Same Page” was released by the artist Vincent (feat. Brooke Daye) on PRMD/Warner Music Group. The song has amassed millions of streams since it’s release.

Throughout 2020 the duo collaborated on a plethora of records spanning multiple genres including: “Winter” and “3am” by hip hop artist Deniro Farrar, “Best Of Me” and “”Life Goes On” by rap artist OMGKellz, the single “I Do” by female R&B artist, Molly Moore, which was released on her 2020 album ‘Voice On The Internet’. The duo also produced and co-wrote the song “Benefits” by pop artist Heather Larose, and worked with Art Pop Singer/Songwriter, Kit Major, on two of her 2020 releases: “When The Drugs Don’t Work” and “Mind”. 


Listen to some of their collaborations here:

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