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Angry Mob Creative has once again been brought on to write the opening music for the fourth annual “24 Hours of Reality” broadcast from Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project. With the help of composer Steve Horner, Angry Mob created a theme rooted in hope, progress, and teamwork, effectively capturing the essence of The Climate Reality Project’s latest endeavour. This event is set to take place from September 16-18 and will feature a live broadcast from Brooklyn, NY recounting the progress in fighting climate change throughout the world, as well as tips from Gore for combatting this pressing global issue. With its involvement, Angry Mob joins the ranks of multiple celebrities, such as Colbie Caillat, Jason Mraz, and Mark Ruffalo who have supported The Climate Reality Project’s efforts. Angry Mob is proud to be part of such a vital campaign to increase climate change awareness and is dedicated to supporting the efforts of all who work to protect our planet. Be sure to tune in to the broadcast on September 16, but for now enjoy a short video featuring Jack Johnson regarding the importance of putting an end to climate change.

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