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Coldwall built up his name through his ‘Coldwall Corruption,’ series and original singles starting in 2018, his contagious flips of popular electronic tracks stand the test of time and give a taste of his direction and talents. Now focusing on originals, he’s tossing in all of what he’s learned and all his life experience into his future productions which is showcased on his latest release, Orbit.

The EP is an amalgamation of bold, hard hitting, modern EDM with flashes of 80’s and 90’s electronica infused throughout. Some tracks are laced with ambient synths and strings creating a cinematic environment. It’s industrial-underground meets cinematic-electronica, which creates a distinct and unconventional approach to the genre. His early influences, Armin van Buuren, The Prodigy and Zeds Dead, are evident and helped shape the backdrop for the project.

Coldwall’s been featured on Beyond the Beats: Ones to Watch podcast “Artist Spotlight Series”, and his remixes have been supported by Dr. Fresch on his CALLER ID mix series.








Listen to Coldwall here:


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