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Following an array of singles released throughout 2020 including the smash hit Summer anthem “Pink Lemonade”,  which was remixed and released by multiple artists such as German based DJ/Producer, AMIICCA, Mexico based DJ’s ANG, and LA based production duo, Schmarx & Savvy. DVNIEL, the artist project for singer/songwriter, Daniel Capellaro, released his anticipated EP Nightside (A) in the Fall of 2020. The album will be the first of two EP releases of the same name. The second titled Nightside (B) is due out in 2021.

The album kicks off with “Bad Girl” a free flowing R&B inspired song that definitely has an edgy/cool nighttime drive vibe to it. The song was also remixed and released in December 2020 by Swedish DJ/Producer, The Alliance. The song sets the tone for the rest of the EP. Next up is the the funky tune “Electric Currents” which Daniel described as “a totally fun pool-side jam”. “Electric Currents” also received a remix from New York born, Atlanta native, Joey Cassanova. who earned a Billboard top hit with the Atlanta Rap Collective, Quality Control. Other highlights on the album include the laid back beach vibe song “Waiting, Waiting” and “Body Language”, which was released as single in Summer 2020. The song is definitely the most R&B inspired pop song on the album.

Overall the tone of Nightside (A) encompasses all the fun themes of Summer, perfect for those sun-soaked, pool-side days when it’s best to sit back and chill out or those times when you gotta stay indoors and need some tunes to help lighten your mood.  His second album, Nightside (B) is due out sometime in 2021. In the meantime, DVNIEL will release the the remix of “Waiting, Waiting” by the infamous DJ Irene on New Years Eve. The House/EDM inspired dance number will help ring in the new year for stay at home celebrations happening all over the world. 


Listen to DVNIEL’s Nightside (A) here:

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