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It’s been a great year full of cleverly picked sync placements. Here are our top picks of the 2018 year!


1. Apple Commercial

Just in time for the holidays, Apple’s pairing of a Pixar inspired short and Billie Eilish’s mesmerizing voice creates an emotional and heart warming atmosphere.


2. Shameless (Television)

Our very own Tatiana Owen’s “Trigger” is featured during this coming of age scene on the hit show, Shameless.


3. American Horror Story (Television)

This rendition of “Tainted Love” gives us a dreamy, fantasy-like feeling, encompassing the universe of American Horror Story.


4. Riverdale (Television)

A modern take on classic French songs with burlesque vibes for a speakeasy scene? Say no more. Axelle Red’s “Excusez-moi” featuring our very own writer, Rune Westberg, perfects the French theme with this track.


5. The Proposal (Film) 

Even though this is not 2018, this will always be Debra’s favorite spot. This hilarious take on “Get Low” while Sandra Bullock is trying to let lose remains timeless.

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