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Jake Scott once again delivers another surprise release to his fans, this time a live album. Live From LA features songs recorded from his live-stream concert he performed last Fall including some of his most popular records to date such as: “Tuesdays”, “CWJBHN”, and “Like No One Does”, all of which have millions of streams to date. The album was released in early February 2021, shortly after his release of the Taylor Swift cover “All Too Well” in January.

Just weeks prior to the release of his Taylor Swift cover, he announced that his three year run of monthly single releases has been concluded and that he was working on something bigger, a whole new EP, due out sometime in mid 2021. On socials Jake had this to say, “I’ve been releasing a song every month for the past three years and I neeeeever thought it would last that long. I’m so so grateful for the experience and the way you guys embraced it. It’s changed my life in many ways. At the end of 2020, though, something started brewing in me that felt different, like a longer story. Something that needed to be released all at once. I’m VERY excited to tell you I’m releasing my first EP this spring/summer. I’ll miss releasing songs monthly, but I promise I’ll never stop putting music out regularly. I haven’t been this excited about songs in a long, long time. So honored and excited to have y’all with me.”

As fans look forward to Jake’s new EP, his live album fills the void till the talented singer/songwriter delivers more new music in mid 2021. As Jake told fans on social media on the day of his Live From LA release, “wish I could sing for you live but for now eat your hearts out”. 

Listen to Live From LA here:

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