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Finding his love for music at a very young age, Kellen taught himself to play guitar in his mid-teens inspired by garage rock, blues, and punk music that he absorbed throughout his adolescence. In his early college years, Kellen studied musical theory, classical guitar, and songwriting. It was then when he developed a deep appreciation for other music genres like Jazz, Folk, Classical, and Electronic. 

Kellen graduated from the University of Utah before making the move out to Los Angeles where he studied Music Business at UCLA. Eager to turn his passion into a career, Kellen sought after jobs in the music industry which ultimately led him to Angry Mob Music where he soon became employed after a brief gig as an intern. His education in music business and experience as a musician and songwriter provides valuable depth to the Angry Mob team. 

Kellen is consistently working on improving his guitar chops while also obsessing about his ever-growing vinyl collection. He claims to maintain his slim physique by consuming only kale chips and sugar-free Red Bulls. 

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