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As a classically trained musician, Savastano began her career in Opera Management, but quickly made the switch to the popular music realm. She has worked in the administrative management, intellectual property, and royalty departments for several notable companies, including Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI), Spirit Music Group, RykoMusic, Cherry Lane Music, Musical Heritage Society, and Turn Up the Music. In 2009, she founded SSA Music, which provides licensing, copyright, financial, auditing, and royalty consulting services to a diverse clientele ranging from independent musicians to major music publishers and record companies. In 2012, SSA Music expanded to a full-service publishing entity, providing full administration, royalty collections, catalog pitching, and song placements.

In 2018, Savastano returned to her roots as a freelance service provider and worked with several notable clients, including PEN Music Group, Reach Music Group and McJames Music. In 2019, Paula began working full-time as the Senior Director of Copyright & Royalties for Angry Mob Music.

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