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Since signing with Angry Mob and the 2016 release of Ohana, Pepper is more alive than ever! To really climb into this special moment, we were lucky enough to explore their journey toward the 6th album, the bond they have created and the path ahead. You can feel the energy, love and inspiration from their choice of words. It’s really all about the music!

PepperOver the past 19 years you have, as a group, experienced so much together. I’m sure there have been incredible highs and lows. Most people can’t have a 19-year relationship, marriage; let alone a 3-way relationship.  What was the defining factor that brought you all back together after Pink Crustaceans and Good Vibrations, and how is it that you now seemingly have more energy and momentum than ever before?

It was everything that brought us together in the first place, our mutual love for music, our brotherhood, everything that made us who we are, our OHANA, our home where we come from. And not that we weren’t before, but the gratitude for the things that in a sense were still happening around us without us really being “present.” That’s pretty incredible to be part of something that can live and flourish without you. If that’s not enough to inspire, then we don’t know what is……..

After 6 albums, it’s hard for songwriters and artists to keep the juices flowing. What was the key to your creativity / songwriting this time around for Ohana?

A huge catalyst to OHANA was when we “organically” took our destiny back into our own hands….. Within the year or so before OHANA, we had acquired our own studio (Kona Inn Recording) in Redondo Beach, CA. We didn’t think we were gonna record our whole record there but once we plugged in, just 3 brothers in a room, it became super clear that we were where we needed to be. From that point forward, we just played music. We ACTUALLY just recorded a 3 piece band having an absolute blastPepper and that’s what we think it’s really all about. We went to the source per say!

For long time fans who have been with you from the beginning, what makes Ohana particularly special in your continued evolution?

Everything has come full circle for us and everyone that has been with us from the beginning. The whole “we had to lose ourselves to find ourselves” vibe really rings true. We could go out on a limb and say that OHANA is on its way to being the album we are most proud of up until this point of our journey.

None of us can travel back in time or change the past, but from what you all know now, what would you have done differently in your journey together and how do you plan on applying that to the road ahead? 

PepperOverall we wouldn’t change a thing! But of course, a few minor details would have been done differently. At the risk of irony, I would say that after releasing pink crustaceans and then not releasing another album for 5 years, that would be the one thing I would go back and change, cause we technically never went away, we just went dormant with new music. We’ve learned such amazing lessons from the other “mistakes”  so I cherish them all.

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