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For their latest trance infused single “Tokyo”, songwriting duo Schmarx & Savvy collaborated with American DJ 3LAU & Australian artist XIRA. The song has already achieved huge popularity within the EDM genre & has also crossed over into the Pop realm, landing on multiple playlists on Spotify and other streaming services. Released through the label Ajunabeats, which is owned and operated by EDM pioneers Above & Beyond, “Tokyo” is an homage to the city its title is named after. Capturing the essence of a night in Tokyo, the song emits a rolling dance floor energy as it soars through an array of retro synth sounds and dynamic vocals by the Sydney based female artist XIRA.

Upon its release Schmarx & Savvy raved about the significance of the song by stating, “Some songs just feel special when you’re writing them, and this was definitely one of those. So grateful for you 3LAU and XIRA. Thank you for writing this with us and bringing it to life. Shout out to Ajunabeats!” The song has amassed over 1.5 million streams & has already been treated to a remix courtesy of American DJ Le Youth, who is known for his crossover hits overseas and experimental style of dance music.

Check out both versions of “Tokyo” here:

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