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Verskotzi’s latest release, ARC 002, follows suit with his EP series by capturing an entire album in a three song snapshot. Similar to ARC 001, Verskotzi bends genres by combining electronic, hip-hip, and lo-fi elements, and he again provides listeners with a beginning, middle, and end in his new EP, tied together with a shared theme. 

Evident in the song titles, lyrics, and compositions, Verskotzi used his recent rejection of alcohol as inspiration for ARC 002. “Binge” opens the EP with striking vulnerability, as Verskotzi’s soft, whispery vocals convey his struggle to combat cravings. The instrumentation first mirrors the vocal’s dreamy texture, but as the song progresses, the music grows in tension to mimic building temptations. As ARC 002’s second song, “Substances” moves from the “beginning” brutally honest melody and lyrics of “Binge,” where Verskotzi reveals his yearnings for alcohol, to the “middle” section of the story. 

Here, Verskotzi portrays his present state and decision to quit drinking. “Substances” incorporates a hip-hop and R&B beat and a dark, filtered sample of Verskotzi’s voice to create power and drive. These feelings align with Verskotzi’s action to take matters into his own hands and make a change to combat his alcohol temptations. Finally, “Dry” brings the “end” of the story and combines elements of the previous two tracks to represent the entire EP. Rather than a typical ending, “Dry” portrays a rebirth and rediscovery of oneself with an instrumental lo-fi track that completes Verskotzi’s ARC 002 dream-pop story.



Listen to ARC 002 here:

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