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On his latest EP release, ARC 001, Verskotzi combines warm, analog acoustic instrumentation with glitchy, digital electronic soundscapes in a way that takes the listener to a world all their own. Themes similar to his previous releases (like his debut album No. 90), Verskotzi continues to infuse real life field recordings of his family, friends, and loved ones speaking, singing, and praying about the very things he writes about and is inspired by. Everything has a beginning, middle, and end. ARC 001 is an album that examines life’s processes from a personal level to the boundless limits of our universe & its mysterious afterlife.

Typically focused on lyrics of nostalgia (our beginnings), on ARC 001, Verskotzi is more focused on how our past shaped us into our present selves (our middle) and how we’re all individually moving into our future forms (our end). And more than how, what we’re doing to ensure that our future, our end, is what we desire it to be. On the day of it’s release the artist stated on social media that, “I truly feel like I found myself artistically all over again in these songs. It broke something open that needed to drain. Thank you to my collaborators that helped me see it thru and get this out.”

Listen to ARC 001 here:

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