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Right Coast Music and Angry Mob Music have announced a partnership where Angry Mob will provide administration and creative/synch services to Right Coast and their roster of writers & artists. The first such writer/artist under the deal will be Yorxe.

Right Coast Music was established in 2014 to bring great music into the world… The founders recognized the lack of attention to the development of artists and aimed to restore the forgotten techniques that enhance the richness of the music.  RCM’s artist roster receives all of the resources needed to help them achieve their unique vision. Comprised of a boutique team of producers, engineers, songwriters, and content creators, RCM can provide business support, education, and counseling that emerging artists often require. 

Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, ‘Yorxe’ was the singular pseudonym born mid-2018 backed by a driving force of unreleased music and a need for a fresh start.  Yorxe is the alter-ego of an introverted girl; locked away creating music in her bedroom-turned-studio. Although Yorxe is now seeing the world with a fresh pair of eyes, she’s no stranger to the scene. Producing and writing since 13, working across the globe as an entertainer onboard world-class cruise liners, and hustling as a street busker… it’s safe to say she’s got her hands all over the industry at just 22 years old. Growing up in a non-musical family, she claims her early passion for words and writing as well as her dad’s old Pink Floyd and Van Morrison CD’s are what sparked her love for music.  Tying her style and sound to a specific theme is elusive as she prefers to churn out whatever is sonically resonating.  Yorxe is leaving her fingerprints everywhere and is slowly proving to be the one to watch in the upcoming months.

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