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LA based artist and producer, Verskotzi, released his final EP of 2021. Unlike his last EP Substances, where the main theme was battling personal demons, including addiction, ARC 003 has a more sentimental side to it. The lyrics revolve around themes such as family, relationships, and discovering the silver linings in otherwise bad situations.. ARC 003 builds a story around Verskotzi’s move to LA from his home town in Minnesota. “Along the way, my wife and I’s UHaul trailer was stolen off the back of our car and we arrived in LA with only the clothes on our backs. This incident brought me closer to my wife than ever and we realized just how much new, beautiful life ahead of us we had yet to live”. The dreamy three track EP showcases Verskotzi’s most mature songwriting and production to date as it navigates through his feelings of optimism, nostalgia and hopefulness.

Listen To ARC 003 here:

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