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Vezza is a rock artist from the United States who is a major player in the Alternative Rock genre that captivates listeners with his entrancing melodies and potent lyrics thanks to his electric sound and unbridled brilliance. He draws inspiration from iconic rock giants to infuse his music with a distinctive fusion of vigor, emotion, and unrelenting intensity.

Vezza’s music has a strong emotional impact and can make listeners feel everything from nostalgia to pure elation. He released his LP ‘Superhero’ in 2022 with the lead single “Self-Esteem”, that features raw energy and thoughtful lyrics. In addition to the album, Vezza has released a plethora of singles including “Get Myself Out (2023),” “Gates of Paradise (2023), “Delicious (2023), and “Always Running (2023).” These tracks serve as yet another example of VEZZA’s capacity to create compelling music that connects with listeners. Vezza’s ability as a musician is on full display with each song, bringing strong guitar riffs, dynamic rhythms, and fascinating vocals that are sure to make an impact. It is a credit to his artistry and capacity for deep engagement with his audience that he is able to produce music that is both reflective and relatable.

Vezza is signed to Right Coast Music, a company focused on the development of artists and aims to restore the forgotten techniques that enhance the richness of the music. Angry Mob Music is Right Coast Music’s publishing administrator. 


Listen to Vezza here: 

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