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BLNDSIDE is back with his second EP, Bow Down. This Time around, UK-based producer Ozzie Rodgers enlisted the help of some of hip hop’s rising female stars, Reverie, Gavlyn, and Jade Amar. They not only brought the power of pen to the story telling, but delivered inspired, heart-pounding vocal performances. 

Each song showcases a diverse range of contemporary hip hop, from Urban rock, to cinematic hybrid, to a modern twist on vintage retro-soul. Powerful messaging from women of color are at the forefront of the narratives here, with song titles like “Bow Down”, “World In My Hands”, and “Make Moves”. The sophomore EP also features a special appearance by City Wolf and the return of Easy McCoy and Stylo Beddoe, bringing the thunder once again with songs “Fire In Our Veins” and “The Mighty Have Fallen”. The album was produced by Sean Harrison, Sr. Director/Synch Advertising at Angry Mob Music.



Listen To Bow Down here:

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