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MRKTS is an LA-based Alternative Rock band comprised of San Diego natives, Isaiah Blas, Casey Peek, Jed Peek, and Chad Wolf. With a blend of soaring rock choruses, pop melodies, R&B vocals poured over live rock instrumentals and Hip-Hip 808’s, they create a sound that is refreshing yet familiar. MRKTS’ were named one of 2016’s top 3 “Artist on the Verge” by Billboard’s NMS and won the 2015 RAW Musician of the Year. They have also had notable placements on the NFL Network, ESPN, UFC, NBA Finals, ABC, MTV, The CW, and Fox. Following the placements, the band has performed live on The Today Show, Young Hollywood, VH1, and The CW Morning Show. MRKTS’ album “Last Call” was released on music streaming site Bandcamp in 2016. “Last Call” took about 8 months to finish once they started recording it. Since then, they have opened for Wyclef Jean, Andy Grammar, Jason Mraz, Switchfoot, and ZZ Ward. While MRKTS continues to tour, they are currently focusing on completing their next record.


Listen to MRKTS here:

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